10 (unexpected) reasons to do 30 days of yoga

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If you are involved in yoga it’s very popular to do a 30 day challenge. Having missed the opportunity to do the one my studio was running I did my own from the beginning of July to the beginning of August. Here are 10 thoughts, reasons, and reflections to do your own. Some of these reasons are silly, some are serious. Like my instructors say “you get from it what you put into it.”

  1. It’s a great workout. If you already do yoga then you know the physical intensity that can come with it. Committing to an entire month is a great way to challenge your body and what it can do.
  2. It’s a great mental release. For 60, 75, or 90 minutes your world shrinks to a 6′x2′ piece of rubber and everything else goes away. It’s better than therapy.
  3. Community building. Yoga class is not the most conducive place to having a conversation, but before and after it, especially as you come to recognize your fellow students and the studio staff. Stop, say hi, thank your instructors, make connections.
  4. It gets harder…then easier….then harder again…. When I started I thought “awesome, in two weeks I’ll be able to do downward dog for like 20 minutes without a problem…..” I was wrong because as I became more aware of my body’s capabilities and found certain poses easier to sustain, I was then able to take those postures deeper and find an even more intense level of practice.
  5. Workshops. Had I not attained a certain level of comfort as a member of the studio community I may not have availed myself of the opportunity to take an amazing workshop on arm balances and handstands. So much fun!
  6. New teachers. When I started my schedule only allowed me to take classes with the same few teachers. Going more often allowed me to open up to the different styles and philosophies offered by different people. I have experienced 10 different teachers at this point and have gotten something incredible from each and every one, insuring that my practice grows and evolves each time I step onto my mat.
  7. Teacher crushes. We all get those teachers who totally speak to us, who we wish we could be like, whose classes we try and schedule our days around. I have two, one male and one female. They are awesome. It makes my day when I see them at the studio and get a chance to chat with them before or after.
  8. My kids love it. I have two kids. One is 5 and one is almost 3. When I get home and want to show off something new that I learned they love copy me. And they are AMAZING. They don’t have any bad physical habits yet and are so naturally flexible and fearless that I am jealous.
  9. Intent, obligation, and commitment. We all have things that we intend to do or feel obliged to do during our days. Many of the may not be things we want to do. There were totally days where I questioned whether or not I really wanted to push myself through at least an hour of intense work in heated studio, knowing that at some point I was going to be so sweaty that my fancy lululemon shirt was going to send a river of sweat up my nose the next time I finished a vinyasa. But I kept going because it was a commitment and an obligation that I had made to myself and I intended to see it through.
  10. Integrity. Possibly the most important, which is why I saved it for last. Physically and mentally you are only responsible to yourself when you are on the mat. Only you know how focused you are or how far you are pushing yourself. Being able to do come to this place of focused physical and mental integrity for 30+ straight days is an incredible opportunity to observe growth within yourself and provides constant opportunities for growth mentally, spiritually, and physiologically.

I found a lot within myself as I did my 30 day challenge. I was sad to see it go, however just because you hit 30 days, it doesn’t mean you have to stop, I still try and go everyday if I can, partially because it has become a habit that I really enjoy. If you have tried yoga, have a studio you like, and enjoy furthering your practice try your own 30 day challenge. See what it does for you. I guarantee you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain.

About the author:

Chaim is excited to have finally found something to be a keener for – yoga.  When not having difficulty keeping his spine straight while bending at the hips, Chaim likes to read, roller skate, and argue with his two young sons about what to make for dinner.

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